Modes of Transport


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Imagine what the world would be like if we had no means of commuting? Imagine the number of years it would have taken to explore the Earth on foot! This box takes you on an enriching voyage starting from the invention of the wheel to man landing on the Moon. Master the science behind what enables an airplane to defy the laws of gravity and stay airborne, what makes a massive ship stay afloat and what makes engines work!

*The hardware shown is not part of the product

VR Kit

Attractive VR glasses to experience the virtual tour into the world of vehicles

AR – VR App

Edutaining App to facilitate the fascinating AR and VR journeys into modes of transport

3D Expression Journal

Fun facts and tracker images of 10 Marvels of India

Digital Knowledge Game

Engaging and fact filled digital game based on various modes of transport

Knowledge Board Game

Board game charting history of transportation, major inventions and accidents

Creative Illustration

3D trackable Creative Illustration charts of various modes of transport

Vocab Builder

6 vocab cards for enriching vocabulary of catchy, theme based words

Brain Booster Series

Brain tickling and stimulating series of puzzles and teasers

Trivia Booklet

Fun and interesting facts about the Modes of transport

Activity Kit

A theme based activity kit to enhance creativity and imagination

Daily Sunday Knowledge Time

Daily and weekly dose of insightful knowledge bytes

Personalised Skill Report

Periodical skill reports for parents to map the strengths and weaknesses

Ground Zero

Spill proof mat for play and activity time

Do It Yourself Manual

Detailed manual for KUBE

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