Marvels Of India


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  • 7+ Years

Marvels of India offers an exploratory journey to young learners to 40 amazing monuments of India. It invites you to a first of its kind hands-on experience with 10 jewels of Indian architecture in 3D. Unravel history, architecture, facts and a wealth of information during this joyful journey and quiz your way to becoming a monumental wizard!

*The hardware shown is not part of the product

Virtual Reality Kit

Attractive VR glasses to experience VR tour

AR – VR App

Edutaining App to facilitate the fascinating AR and VR journeys of the monuments

Expression Journal

Fun facts and tracker images of 10 Marvels of India

Digital Knowledge Game

Engaging and fact filled digital game around shapes and dimensions

Knowledge Deck

Picture card game with clue sheet for 30 Marvels and their attributes

Creative and Informative Illustration

3D trackable Creative Illustration charts & card stamps for 10 Marvels of India

Vocab Builder

6 vocab cards for enriching vocabulary of catchy, theme based words

Brain Teasers

Brain tickling and stimulating series of puzzles and teasers

Trivia Booklet

Fun and interesting facts about the Marvels of India.

Activity Kit

An activity kit to enhance creativity and imagination

Daily Sunday Knowledge Time

Daily and weekly dose of insightful knowledge bytes

Personalised Growth Report

Weekly skill report of various scholastic and co-scholastic skills

Ground Zero Sheet

Spill proof mat to perform various activities of the kit

DIY Manual

Detailed manual for KUBE

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