KUBE develops 6 facets of growth and exploration


Holistic Growth

Think NEW

Logical Thinking

Language Proficiency


Learners who experience the KUBE journey are able to think and express more critically and creatively.


Some may see it as just another triangle but KOMPANIONS visualize it differently!

Holistic Growth

All learners experience the power of the 3C’s

  • More Confident
  • Enhanced levels of Concentration
  • Better Communication

Think NEW

Thinking vs. Extra-Ordinary Thinking.

Our curious young learners are passionate ‘What – Iff’ers’

Logical thinking

Given that an ice cream cone and an ice cream tub cost the same (having the same base and height), which one should I buy?

Language Proficiency

  • A camel is extremely ferocious when angry.
  • A tetrahedron is the most studied structure.
  • Elephants have large ears as it helps to cool it's body temperature and female elephants are called as COWS.


“Design is not just how it looks like and feel like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs

So, what exactly is KUBE?

KUBE is an educational gamebox that helps to redesign and shape your child's THINKING – From GOOD to GREAT! It helps to BRAIN TRAIN.

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What Is Inside each Kube? See it in action

Our Focus

  • Not just the 8 subjects taught in school
  • Building 20+ new age skills
  • Ability to apply the skills and concepts learnt
  • Enabling retention of concepts for life
  • Not assessment but GROWTH

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