KUBE is an educational gamebox that helps to REDESIGN and shape

your child's THINKING – From GOOD to GREAT!

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How do children benefit

  • Improved levels of confidence
  • Enhanced visualization
  • Acquisition of 20+ new age skills
  • Learns 10,000+ knowledge points

Improvements parents see

  • Ability to apply basic concepts
  • Improved concentration levels
  • Capacity to think logically
  • Reduced TV viewing sessions

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KUBE is based on the following research proven methodologies which work on building 20 skills of the child


Critical Thinking

Critical Reading




Mathematical Prowess

Scientific Literacy

Gross Motor Skills

Inquiry Based Learning

Creative Thinking


Creative Writing

Creative Expression

Fine Motor Skills


Problem Solving

Decision Making

Vocabulary Building

Higher Order Thinking Skills

How we do it


Virtual Reality Augmented reality

VR Kit
VR App
3D Expression Journal


Digital Games Hands on Games

Digital game
Card Game
Board Game
Creative Illustration

Brain Boosters

Brain Booster Physical activity

Brain Booster
Trivia Booklet
Vocab Builder
Physical activity kit

What Is Inside each KUBE? See it in action

KUBE is uniquely designed for each age group. Please select your child's age group to proceed

Upto 6 years (Kindergarten)

6 to 9 years

10 to 12 years

12 to 15 years

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I want to know more

KUBE is an innovative educational gamebox that works on building 20 skills and 10000+knowledge points of the child through the powerful tools of Virtual Reality, 3D Augmentation, Gamification, Brain Boosters and Remediation. It is packed with learning elements such as a Virtual Reality Kit and App, 3D journals and charts, Board/Card and Digital games, activity kit, brain boosters, trivia booklets, vocabulary builders, periodic growth reports, brain games app and more. KUBE caters to 3 to 12 years of age through 12 themes. It makes the learning process fun and informative while making the child experience cutting edge technologies.
KUBE is not just any other game or activity box. Each element of KUBE builds on the concepts of Virtual Reality, 3D Augmentation, Gamification, proven by research (MIT, Stanford and Huffington) to have high levels of efficacy in learning. They make the learning journey very engaging, fascinating and informative for the child. The child builds 20 new age skills and 10000+ knowledge points through this edutaining journey. No other product gives such an all encompassing learning experience to the child.
A child may be going to the top school but may still not be experiencing the learning process as a KUBE makes him/ her do. Besides, schools work more on the scholastic skills building whereas KUBE also focuses on the co scholastic skills of a child such as creativity, logic, decision making, mathematical prowess, critical thinking and more. KUBE makes the child “revisualize” to learn better; it makes him/her think logically and creatively; to explore and discover. Visualization, Gamification, Brain Booster are a few important areas that KUBE focuses on. KUBE also works on remediation through a periodic skill assessment report of the child shared with the parents.
KUBE makes a child an all-rounder and equips him/her for future by working on six facets of learning and development- intelligence, holistic growth, innovative thinking, logic, language proficiency and creativity. These help the learner to build 20 new age skills which make him/her future ready. A child learning through KUBE will not just excel in school but in all walks of life.


“Nowadays, children score really well on academic subjects; however, this does not help in improving the analytical or logical skills. The technology that KOMPANIONS has introduced enables a person to understand or analyse things from a 3D point of view, which is very helpful and we must have this technology in our current and future education system.”

- Shri. Vasudev Devnani, Minister for School Education, Rajasthan

KOMPANIONS designs highly researched educational games for 3 year old and above. KUBE is the best learning game for kids to develop knowledge and skills for future. The 8 themes cover kindergarten(3 to 6 years) to 12 year olds. Learning elements packed with VR, AR, Gamification and Brain Boosters make it the perfect fit for preschoolers to pre teens!